Friday, May 16, 2008

Your Alter Ego Contest

It's time to let YOUR alter ego shine! With My Alter Ego #50 approaching quick I thought I would run a contest to see what other people's alter egos look like. You've been following mine, now let yours out. The contest is simple: Create a My Alter Ego comic and submit it to me for judging.

The rules of creating a My Alter Ego comic strip are simple. Follow them and you're guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals.
1) No pencils or rulers allowed. Pens are all that may be used when creating a My Alter Ego Comic.
2) Not much planning may go into the strip. Your alter ego shows itself better when you work with a loose plot and work panel to panel.
3) The whole concept of the comic must be contained in the one strip.
4) Layout of the comic is up to you, but the title "My Alter Ego" and By: Your Name must be contained somewhere on the page.
5) Colors are optional. They are something I have only just been allowing myself to use on the strips.
6) Deadline is before #50 hits.
7) Winner will appear in an upcoming My Alter Ego comics strip by Jeff.

Submit all questions and entries to

Good luck, and let your alter ego out today!

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