Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who Loves SKOMOLII!?


Justin3000 said...

I want Skomolii now more than ever.

Jeff said...

Me too. What do you suppose it taste like?

Anonymous said...

recipie by Maurice

1 Box skomoliisagna noodles
3 large skomolii
2 cups Dr. Cheese's shredded cheese (any evil flavor)
1 container of ricotta cheese
1 jar skomoliisagna and mushroom sauce
2 smarrots

Grate skomlii and smarrots. Mix with shredded and ricotta cheese. Alternate skomoliisagna noodles and skomolii & cheese mix in a 9 x 12 glass baking pan. Pour full jar of skomoliisagna sauce over the top. Bake for 1 hr 30 min in a 400 degree oven.
Let cool for 10 minutes. Serve to children daily.