Sunday, July 28, 2013


Trisha Lynne said...

Dear Mr. Elden,
With all due respect why are you not keeping this most awesome blog up-to-date? I know you are a busy dude and all, but my having to get MB&MC updates via Facebook is starting to get depressing..... you see my family is alerted when I'm "on" Facebook so they start messaging me and when that happens my day tends to go in a downward spiral from there.
Unfortunately this completely diminishes any and all childish happiness reading your comics and blurbs bring. I sorely miss being able to read in peace....on this lovely blog- and not have to worry that my family will haunt my escape from reality.

Disclaimer: This has been a friendly reminder that Facebook doesn't deserve to hold your fan base hostage.

Jeff said...

Well, I'm certainly not trying to hold anyone hostage. :)

The answer to this is pretty simple and comes down to convenience. All of the updates you see on Facebook, that are not the comic strips, are done from my phone. Blogger doesn't work as easily on a mobile device. If I make a doodle that I want to share my phone can take the picture and upload it to Facebook in seconds.

Now, because I care about my fans I've done some research and if you click on the chat icon in Facebook then click "go offline" you can be on Facebook without anyone knowing you're there.

Trisha Lynne said...

Yes, yes, we understand... and by the way that FB tip has been a lifesaver!!! Okay, that is a tad dramatic... it's been a wonderful 'moodsaver.'