Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Wholemolii w/ the Conclusion!

On May 1, 2008, My Alter Ego took a dramatic turn as it went from one experimental comic to a series of experimental comics with a common theme and story. This story was Skomolii. In the spirit of My Alter Ego it had a very loose structure and very rarely made any sense. One comic was created with no idea how the next would begin. The beginning of the story had no end in sight, it simply moved forward.
It has been some time since we've visited the Skomolii Saga, to find out the fate of Saltines Wilson, Dr.Cheese and his wife Maurice, and to finally find out what happens when a muderous vegetable is taken on by a little boy who prefers smarrots. I present to you now the entire Skomolii Saga, with its conclusion. Be prepared, though, this tale of a vegetable so delicious no child can stop eating it, for reasons beyond taste, is as strange as the mad scientist who started it all.

I had a good time creating the Skomolii mythos, and I think I could have taken it further given the time. However, it's time now for My Alter Ego to take a break and let What I Saw come to the forefront. I do plan to return to Skomolii in the future, perhaps creating a full length story that's a little more cohesive. I really enjoy the characters and the idea of a murderous vegetable. I look forward to hearing comments from all of you now that you can see the whole "story" together.


Lord Spathington said...

Hmm, this has concluded like the first chapter of a great epic. I would like to donate to a color and bound printing of this 21st Century Masterpiece. Please give me your paypal information.

David said...

Beautiful. An achievement of momentous proportions. Awesome.

Also, I like seeing you use the phrase "Skomolii mythos."

Matt and Jeanie said...

so saltines put skomolii in dr. cheese's breakfast? does he know? will he die!?

mike said...

Dr. Cheese has the antidote. I think he'll probably think to take it. After all he is a Doctor.

I'd like to know more about the subtle implied relationship between saltines and dr. cheese...after all whats better on top of a cracker than cheese?(rim-shot)

also, i like this comic.