Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your Alter Ego Contest

Despite Lord Spathington's decree that I declare everyone a winner, I am posting all of the entries that I received for the Your Alter Ego Contest I had created many months ago, and I am picking a winner. The rest are posted in the order I received them.

Shawn kicked things off. I later found out this was based on a true event, which makes it even better.

Leslee Stewart is seriously one of my favorite people.

Kara "the" Wall gets an honorable mention for including bug guts on her alter ego.

Kim Pesek took some time one boring night while we were hanging out to do this comic.

Brian Spath got ambitious and sent me two alter egos.

Matt Bryan shows off what an amazing artist he is.

And the winner is: Mike McCubbins! I felt his alter ego really got the spirit of the experiment that is My Alter Ego.

Everybody did a really great job. I got more responses then I thought I would and all of them pleased me very much. Thank you.


Lord Spathington said...

There are some neat strips here. I smell another contest brewing...

Lord Spathington said...

Also, it's weird no one else has commented on this yet - especially after we have all waited so terribly long!

Jeff said... waited so long.

mike said...

sweet!...i will take your unborn child as my prize!