Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hairy Monster

K10 is a very imaginative person. She also enjoys giving me gifts. Here are some pictures of my most recent present from her. Medium: cat hair, dry erase markers

I love her very much.


Atomicclockwork said...

It's like a whole new cat.

Lord Spathington said...

There is something wrong with her (and you!).

Remember that time we had a big group together to go comic book shopping and Dan Nichols went deuce under a bridge and threw away the briefs he used to clean himself with?

That's the only thing weirder than the pictures featured here.

Jeff said...

Are you upset because you're allergic to cats?

Lord Spathington said...

When I saw this headline I thought you were telling us what Kristen calls your pee-pee.

And now that monster grows inside her.